Working at pur natur is not actually work – its enthusiasm, fascination and fun

There are so many employers whose employees are dissatisfied. And it is often because of the same reasons. We believe that a company receives more over the long run when everyone is satisfied and when its employees do not have talk about their bosses behind their back.

Those who work are pur natur are a part of a functioning whole. It's fun to work here. Why is that? You will find this out if you continue reading.

The reason you already look forward to Monday morning when it’s Friday afternoon:

  • Every week brings a new challenge. And these challenges are waiting for you. To be needed and to do something useful – it’s a deeply satisfying feeling.
  • You will work with stunningly natural products that fascinate us, as well as our customers, every day. Over and over again. No floorboard is alike, so it’s never boring.
  • You will always have something to tell. Again and again, we experience the most adventuresome stories at pur natur. Of boards that are shipped to Japan or of customers who want to place our floorboards to their ceiling. Or of Ruthard, who has just bought 300 m2 (10600 ft3) of the best Douglas round wood.
  • You will be treated fairly and receive recognition. Those who achieve outstanding performance, receive the recognition it deserves. It does not matter whether you work in manufacturing or facilitate the sales team. Success is not only due to management, but all who contribute to it. The entire team.

How we differ from others:

  • We are honest.
  • We act respectfully.
  • We act sustainably.
  • We trust.
  • We have fun.

Our practice involves:

  • Honesty: If there is a problem, it will vocalised so that later the problem no longer exists.
  • Respect: Respectful interaction with everyone is the basis for a light-hearted environment.
  • Sustainability: We have no interest in exploiting employees. We invest in long-term relationships. We offer everyone the chance to develop and we give support as best we can.
  • Trust: We do not monitor. There is no time clock. Instead, we work on this basis of trust. We trust that everyone at pur natur is honest and keeps an eye on the time themselves.
  • Fun: We want to have fun at work. Otherwise it’s not done well. However, fun does not come alone - it is the result of enthusiastic people, a well put together team culture and corporate success.

We offer career opportunities in the following business sectors:


For the manufacturing of our floorboards, terraces and other exquisite products, we are constantly looking for skilled employees.

This primarily includes the occupations of carpentry or woodworking mechanics (m/f). Those who are changing careers and have experience in this field are also welcome.

In the production sector, you will have the opportunity to become »production manager«. Commitment and the will to learn are most important.

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The nice thing about our customers is that most of them come to us. However, this does not mean that there are no challenges waiting for you in sales.

On the contrary, the task of inspiring our customers and having them experience excellent service, are challenges in sales at pur natur.

Those who purchase from pur natur, expect not to have a bored salesman who hides behind the counter.

In sales, you will start as a »sales assistant« and you will have the first two years to show what you can do. After that, we will offer the opportunity for you to grow to »project manager of sales«.

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The best product is useless if it is not deliverd. Beginning as a »marketing man« or »marketing woman« is possible.

Those who are dedicated can evolve to »marketing specialist« and develope further to »marketing manager«.

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  • Starting in 2013, for the first time in the company’s history, we offer the opportunity for young adults to complete training at pur natur.
  • We are offering a training position in wholesale and export trades.


  • For students, we offer year-round the opportunity to complete an internship. The internship should last at least 3 months long.
  • We do not believe in companies that do not offer compensation to their interns or those who utilize exploitative traits. We offer each of our interns 750 Euro per month for those that complete a least a 4 month-long internship.

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