Four guiding principles decisively determine our actions and conduct

pur natur acts


Care is an indespensible prerequisite for high quality results. pur natur is careful in every respect. This begins with the selection of tree trunks as raw material for products that make there way by customer service, management and all the other services. Anyone who is serious about their job takes the time to carefully review their actions a second time. pur natur does not simply dismiss problems of any kind. Instead, we carefully place problems apart from each other. The claims of pur natur are set high and only with care, can they be met.


Quality must be measurable. Thus, pur natur we set high standards for our actions. Predefined standards of quality for our products are just the beginning. Only through high standards of naturalness, aesthetics, processing, service, organization, and in all other areas, can pur natur products be what they are. And only when high demands are placed on naturalness, does it become evident in our products.


Starting at the forest, with raw materials and processing, until the final product, pur natur makes sure that naturalness is preserved and respected. We also do not use chemical additives. We look for sustainable installation and removal, as well as sustainable and gentle finishing. We appreciate and respect the natural character / the properties of the raw materials and products. We sincerely try not deny this for own sake or to disobey and ignore it.


We understand that the principles for our actions will only work if they are followed and if no exceptions are made. As stable a tree grows, the products pur natur creates are just as straightforward and the actions of our company are just as consistent. Only when all principles are followed, pur natur can create products and make natural perfection come to life.