How Ruthard created pur natur

The origin of our products is important to us. It is equally important to understand where we come from and to know the story of how »Ruthard« finally made pur natur.


1965: Dream job as forester

Ruthard wanted to be a "forester" ever since he was a young boy. However, at that time it was already very hard to become one and Ruthard had to find an alternative way to work with nature, the forest, and wood.

1975: Learning at a Black Forest Sawmill

So, Ruthard decided to take lessons at a sawmill. After this short but intense education in a traditional Black Forest sawmill, he went on to study wood technology in Rosenheim. After that, he started his professional life at »Danzer Veneer«.

1982: Manager of a sawmill

After working three years as assistant manager for Danzer in West Africa and two years of factory management at Lake Constance, a new opporunity presented itself: managing director for the revdevelopment of his own training service.

1986: Redevelopment of his own training service

The successful and sound development of this facility was the foundation for the ultimate decision to establish his own company.

1988: pur natur sees the light of the world

In October 1988, pur natur was founded. At the beginning, Ruthard was successful as a business consultant for renovations and new projects in the wood industry. At the same time he acted as an agent for the purchase of high quality products for well-known companies.

1990: Entry into the timber trade

The big windfall "Wiebke" in 1990 brought the impluse for entry into the trade. Wage cuts were necessary since suppliers were often too inflexible. 

2000: Supplier of raw floorboards

In the year 2000, a well-known producer of exclusive floorboards came to pur natur with the desire to purchase Douglas floorboards from the Black Forest. pur natur fulfilled this desire and in the next eight years, manufactured more than 500,000 square meters (5.4 mio square feet) of prime Douglas solid wood flooring from the Black Forest.

2002: Start of the direct sales of terrace floorboards

pur natur developed steadily onwards as a pure sawn timber producer, always with the aim of expanding to manufacturing. Real net output ratio came along with it. As the second pillar, alongside the production of high quality sawn timber, pur natur established itself as a provider of quality terrace floorboards made out of Acacia, Chestnut, and Douglas.

2008: Product Brand purnaturdielen® for direct sale of solid wood floorboards

2007-2008 ended the business relationship pur natur had to Scandinavian customers. This way, the product brand “purnaturdielen” could enter the market of refined and finished solid wood floorboards.

2011: A premium supplier of sustainable solid wood flooring

pur natur positioned itself as the premium supplier of floorboards and introducted itself as the first and only supplier of the proof of origin.