Boards that mean the world to you: pur natur floorboards for your floors

For us at pure natur, a wooden floor is not only a floor. It is a stage for the stories that take place in your home every day. This is reason enough to have high requirements: every pur natur floorboard is characterized by high quality, timeless aesthetics and sustainability.

Now you have to decide: Douglas or oak? These are the two types of wood which we use to manufacture our floorboards. Both types are available in solid wood or 3-layer, as well as in the Select or Natur grade types.

pur natur Douglas floorboards

pur natur flooring Douglas

Have you ever stood on a 10m (33ft) long diving platform? Hard to imagine that our pur natur Douglas floorboards exceed this dimension by half. But it's true:

pur natur Douglas floorboards are up to  15m (50ft) long and  40cm (16”) wide. They are particularly well suited for modern, linear or cubic buildings. This is valued by architects and builders from all over the world.

With a white oiled or soaped surface, you get a light, modern wooden floor with a natural character.

pur natur oak floorboards

pur natur flooring German Oak

The oak tree has survived 30 generations - no wonder it is a symbol of eternity and at the same time, it has become a classic among floorboards: it is durable and timeless.

pur natur oak floarboards are available with lengths up to 10m (33ft). Whether in fixed widths or random widths, pur natur oak floorboards are available in solid wood or 3-layer.

It is unique, yet versatile: treated with natural oil, you will get a brownish surface and with white oil, you will get a light, modern look.

The basis for all pur natur floorboards:


Floorboards from sustainable forestry

Sustainability – it’s not just a buzz word: Of this you can be certain: Each of our floorboards come from honest, sustainable forestry.

Proof of Origin

Floorboards with proof of origin

As the first manufacturer of floorboards, we have introduced the proof of origin. Upon request, you will receive the geo-coordinates of the place where your floorboard once stood.


Quality of pur natur standards are unique for floorboards

For many years, we have been the first and only manufacturer with well defined (quality) standards for each of our floorboards. Consistent high quality is guaranteed.

Underfloor Heating

Solid floorboards with underfloor heating

All pur natur floorboards are compatible with underfloor heating. Regardless of whether you have solid wood flooring or 3-layer flooring, you can be sure that pur natur floorboards work.