Quality is deep-rooted at pur natur

High standards for quality wood

From deep-rootedness to quality means instinctively following: a high bar for our products. As one of the few companies in the wood industry, we have voluntarily imposed especially high standards in terms of quality wood.

Consistently high quality

The standards we set take into consideration that the quality of our products is consistently ensured and objectively measurable. If a floorboard does not meet all the criteria, then it will not make it as part of your floorboards or wooden terrace.

Respect for nature

In spite our quality standards, we never forget one thing: we understand nature as nature. A tree can grow 80 to 150 years and with it comes a variety of unique features. For example, knots: They show the vibrancy of the material and for us, they do not represent flaws. Instead, they are so to say the “fingerprint” of your floorboard and make each floorboard one of a kind.

Our own standards for every product

The pur natur standards have been set for every product and are presented to each of our customers when the project begins. In this way, quality wood is not only optically visible, but also tangible.