Whether it is new construction or the renovation of old – pur natur floorboards work on different surfaces

Floorboards glued to screed

Floorboards, adhesive, smoothed screed (with ou without FBH

pur natur floorboards can be glued directly to screed. Especially with new constructions, it is one of the most frequently selected options of installing floorboards. The direct bonding to screed makes the use of underfloor heating (heating screed) trouble-free. Another advantage is the relatively low construction height of the screed.

Floorboards screwed to screed

Grafting, floorboard, bare felt board, moisture blocker/film, nail plug, screed/dry screed

Both with new construction, as well as in the renovation of an old building, it is less common, however, still possible to have variations of installation where the floorboards are screwed to screed. For professional installation, it is necessary to screw through the floorboards and to »hide« the drill holes with special Douglas or oak grafting.

Floorboards screwed to double joisted floor

pur natur Dielen auf Kreuzlattung verschraubt

The installation of floorboards on a »double joisted floor» is recommended for new constructions or substructures where the spanning altittude differences for the substructure are needed on site (starting at UK height 100mm (4”)). The installation of two sleepers also permits the use of two different insulating materials. For example, fill / board material, which in turn means the optimum use of the cavities in combination of heat and/or soundproof insulation.

Floorboards screwed to OSB-Boards

pur natur floorboards screwed to wood-based boards

A very common variation in the renovation or restoration of old buildings is screwing or gluing floorboards to OSB baords, chip boards or other wood-based boards. Here, floorboards up to 30cm wide are screwed and covered by a spring. An additional screw joint through the floorboard is optional.

Floorboards on »Joco« underfloor heating

pur natur floorboards on »Joco« underfloor heating

pur natur floorboards in conjunction with the JOCO underfloor heating system are a near perfect combination that serves in more and more new high quality buildings. Due to the full surface contact with the floorboards on the heating plates, heat transfer is direct and flat. The boards are either screwed by a spring or through the floorboards into sleepers. However, load-baring boards are the JOCO-FBH-boards.

Floorboard construction on older buildings

pur natur floorboard construction on exisiting buildings

The installation of pur natur floorboards in an old building or in the restoration of a building are common practices. The advantage of this variation is that it is managed principly without screed and thus, constitutes a pure dry construction. What is important in this design variation is the soundproofing between the wood and floorboards, since wood on wood »directs« relatively good sound.

Floorboards screwed to Pavatex

pur natur floorboards screwed to Pavatex firm wood fiber

The installation on Pavatex or similar firm wood fiber boards is relatively rare, though still possible with pur natur floorboards. The installation of the floorboards is done by screwing in the joint slat.