A well-crafted surface treatment protects the floorboard and is the basis for the pantina

A Foundation for Unique Stories

At the beginning, a floorboard is virtually flawless, it is beautiful and impressive. However, its true beauty is only revealed with age. Outlasting generations form the basis for many of your experiences, which will characterize, shape and change it. Our floorboards are much more than just a floor. They are a foundation for unique stories.

In order for these stories to come into being and for floorboards to be protected to a certain degree from red wine or water stains, we recommend performing a surface treatment. This surface treatment is based on completely natural materials. The pur natur solution consists, for example, of natural leach with white lime pigment. The same also applies to our oil and soap. In this way, you will also look back one day and say, "This floor has required 30 years to get to where it is - that's patina, that's life."

Recommendations from pur natur

The following variations have been reliable, which we recommend to our customers.

  • For Douglas floorboards
  • white leached and white oiled or soaped for a light surface,
  • white leached and natural oiled or soaped for a rose colored surface or
  • natural oiled for a rustic, red-brown surface


For Oak floorboards

  • white leached and white oil for a very light surface
  • white oiled  for a bright surface or
  • natural oil for a more rustic, brown surface