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The life of a large tree actually begins with it being quite small: a tiny sprout becomes, over centuries, a giant. Every winter brings a new annual ring to a close, forming a chapter in a tree’s life. In the following spring, the writing will once again continue.

And at some point, the tree will write your story. A natural wood floor is a living product that becomes the foundation of your home. With every step, every dance and every celebration: your pur natur floor will witness your favorite moments and remind you of them - with its distinctive patina. 

So you see – for us, floors are not just floors. They are a matter that is near to our hearts. Thus, we hold ourselves to the very highest quality. pur natur floorboards are made ​​for life - not just for a period of one’s life.

Above all, they are made ​​with a clear conscience: we handle the valuable resources of nature carefully and respectfully. All products of pur natur come from honest and verifiably sustainable production. As the first manufacturer, we introduced the proof of origin: You receive the exact geographic data of the trees from which your pur natur floor is made from.

We appreciate your interest and invite you to experience pur natur - step by step, here on our website, live in our showrooms or through personal contact with us.

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