From the depths of the Black Forest

We live in a globalized world where almost everyone can buy anything, anytime and anywhere. For many, it has become ordinary to know where products originate from and under what conditions it was produced.

Not for us.

As a manufacturer of a natural product, we have a major responsibility for sustainable and respectful use of our resources. In fact, we place this to the highest value - and eject this on to our own production. We are very careful as to where we get our raw materials. pur natur can trace back every installed floorboard in a house to its origin.

And the origin is never far away.

The wood for pur natur floorboards and terraces is not far away. It comes exclusively from Germany and a small part of France.

Our shopping areas are:

  • Black Forest
  • Oden Forest
  • Pfälzer Forest
  • Swabian Alps
  • Vosges (F)


The number of trees shows approximately the purchase amount of each area. Thus, it is not hard to find out that the majority of our trees come from the Black Forest.

Do you want to know where your floor once stood?

We can easily understand that. This is why we have introduced the only meaningful label for sustainability and quality: the proof of origin. You can receive the exact geographic data of the trees that make up your floorboards.