Douglas terrace floorboards from pur natur: Make beautiful places even more beautiful

You do not want a tropical wood terrace? And WPC terrace floorboards from a wood-plastic mixture are also not what you imagined they would be? Then you are at the right place with pur natur: We offer a unique range of high value Douglas terrace floorboards throughout Germany. See for yourself:

Douglas »Kollin« Terrace Floorboard

pur natur Kollin terrace

The pur natur Kollin terrace out of Douglas wood is characterized by its linear optics. These rare floorboards are almost free of knots. And due to its rift cut with consistent annual rings, it is the best that can be made out of strong Douglas wood.

Douglas »Alpin« Terrace Floorboard

pur natur Douglas Alpin Terrace Floorboard

A special feature of the pur natur Alpin terrace floorboards is its unusual width. You will not be able to find any other equally wide floorboards. Only with expertise and skilled craftsmanship, is it possible to install floorboards of these widths.

All pur natur terraces have the following similarities:

Sustainable Forestry

pur natur Douglas floorboards from sustainable forestry

Germany has one of the toughest forestry laws in the world. Sustainability is established by law. pur natur terrace floorboards come from honest managed forestry.

Grown and Made in Germany

Douglas floorboards, produced in Germany

The trees, from which pur natur Douglas terrace floorboards are made out of, ​​come almost exclusively from Germany. And they are 100% handcrafted and manufactured in Germany.

Standard: Highest Quality

Douglas terrace floorboards with highest quality

Douglas terrace floorboards from pur natur are no match for terrace floorboards from a hardware store or timber trade. pur natur terrace floorboards set high standards in quality and design.

Impossible to Destroy

Long durability of pur natur Douglas terrace floorboards

The Douglas tree trunks for pur natur terrace floorboards are personally selected. By the age of 80-120 years, the wood is cured and, therefore, of the highest quality of durability.