The perfect way to end a perfect day: the pur natur »Alpin« Terrace.

pur natur Terrace Alpin
If a terrace surface or the length of a floorboard is no longer adequate, it must be thrusted. Here, for example, a floorboard was placed in an English Association, so the thrust is always in the middle of a floorboard.

Imagine that you are sitting on a terrace overlooking the Alps. How would you like the terrace under your feet to look? With a little luck, just as our pur natur »Alpin« terrace made out of Douglas wood looks.

Alpine elegance for your home.

The pur natur »Alpin« terrace is a small masterpiece: it uses the simple rustic charm of mountain regions, while at the same time, it fits very organically into modern, urban style. Its extraordinary width of up to 27 cm (10.6”) gives a floorboard solid character.

The Name Says it All.

»Alpin« terrace floorboards keep the promise they hold - including alpine weather conditions. And this is without intensive, annual maintenance. pur natur »Alpin« terrace floorboards are not waterproofed or treated with other chemical agents. By now, you most likely follow our philosophy of absolute naturalness.


Douglas »Alpin« terrace floorboards are available in the following sizes:

Alpin 30 mm (1.2”) 185 mm (7.3”) 1,00 - 5,00 m (3.3 – 16.4ft)
Alpin 30 mm (1.2”) 220 mm (8.7”) NEW! 1,00 - 5,00 m (3.3 – 16.4ft)
Alpin 30 mm (1.2”) 270 mm (10.6”) NEW! 1,00 - 5,00 m (3.3 – 16.4ft)

Length intervals are all 50cm (1.5ft): 1,00m (3.3ft) — 1,50m (4.9ft) - 2,00m (6.6ft) —2,50m (8,2ft) …

  • Special lengths (5.00 m (16.4ft)) are available with a surcharge.
  • Prices are available on request.


Let yourself be inspired from our selected references for terraces.