Your valuable time deserves a timeless design: the pur natur »Kollin« Terrace.

pur natur Terrace Kollin
pur natur Kollin Terrace 35x110mm (1.4”x4.3”) / In total 100m2 (328sqft)

From a roof top overlooking Vienna, to a garden terrace in the Black Forest: the pur natur »Kollin« terrace blends itself into any environment with its timeless elegance.

Less is more: Douglas terrace floorboards in purist form

Douglas »Kollin« terrace floorboards impress with simple beauty. Each individual floorboard can be up to 6.20m (20.3ft) long and in a state of knotless to knot-free. A natural base with white lime pigment gives the terrace their timeless design. At the same time, the base protects the wooden terrace in a natural way and ensures that over the years it develops a beautiful, silver grey patina.

Tenacious terrace floorboards made from sustainable production.

The Douglas »Kollin« terrace floorboard is a premium product, made of Douglas wood from sustainably managed forests in Germany and Europe. Even without waterproofing or annual intensive care, your floor will be preserved for a very long time: Douglas »Kollin« develops at the very most only minimal cracks.


Terrassendielen Douglasie »Kollin« gibt es in folgenden Maßen:

Terrace ThicknessWidthLenght
Kollin 26 mm (1”) 110 mm (4.3”) 1,00 - 6,20 m m (3.3 – 20.3ft)
Kollin 35 mm (1.4”) 110 mm (4.3”) 1,00 - 6,20 m m (3.3 – 20.3ft)

Length intervals are all 50cm (1.5ft): 1,00m (3.3ft) — 1,50m (4.9ft) - 2,00m (6.6ft) —2,50m (8,2ft) …

Please ask your contact person regarding prices.


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