pur natur substructure for your wooden terrace

In order for your terrace to stand securely, we offer the appropriate substructure to go with it.

For optimal results of the terrace, we recommend that you use for the same type of wood for the substructure as used for the terrace floorboards. If you use Douglas terrace floorboards, the substructure should also be made ​​of Douglas wood.

High-quality, naturalness with Douglas wood

For long-term durability of your wooden terrace, receive a high quality substructure from pur natur.


pur natur has the following standard dimensions (width × height) for a wooden terrace substructure in stock: 45×90mm and 70×90mm (1.8”×3.5” and 2,8"x3.5”), each in lengths of 3-5m (9.8–16.4ft). This finished wood is dried and planed on four sides. Upon customer request, individual dimensions for the substructure can be made.