The quality of our terrace products is deep-rooted in our standards.

As one of the first manufacturers, pur natur has since many years defined its own criteria for the quality of its Douglas terrace floorboards. These criteria are fixed in the standards at pur natur.

It is important that these criteria are not overrun or thought of as utopian. We see nature as nature. A living tree grows in 80-150 years and with it come a variety of different characteristics, such as its knots. These testify to the liveliness and naturalness of the material, and are, therefore, not considered to be something ugly or negative. At pur natur, we simply cannot exclude these characteristics.

Our standards take into consideration that the quality of our products are consistently high and also that you can objectively measurable it.

Each of our products has its own standards. This holds true for our wooden terraces. We place criteria on both our Kollin terraces and Alpin terraces.

We have put a lot of effort to put technical jargon into accessible terms, especially for those who do not work in the wood industry. Nevertheless, should there be any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

You will automatically receive our standards with each offer.