Apartment overlooking Tegernsee

pur natur Floorboards Douglas Select solid 28x350mm   white lye & white soap

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This apartment with sea view was renovated by Hölzl Knote Frischholz Architektur with particular emphasis on the large, open living space. pur natur floorboards Select in solid Douglas fir and in lengths of up to 7 metres reinforce the feeling of spaciousness in the light-flooded and previously very small room. At the transition from the living room to the hallway, the floorboards change the laying direction, creating a discreet, visual demarcation of the two zones without taking away any light. The white leached and soaped Douglas floorboards harmonise with the untreated larch windows and the natural materials such as linoleum and stainless steel in the kitchen area, blending with them to create a clear, warm and inviting living space.

The white leached and soaped Douglas fir floorboards emphasise the spaciousness of the room.

pur natur Douglasie Dielen in der 350er Breite

»An unusual change in the laying direction makes the different zones of the room visible.«