pur natur furniture wood

Furniture wood from pur natur provides you with unique opportunities for completing your project. Or as we put it: the furniture is the third dimension of the floor.

pur natur furniture wood is available in the wood types Douglas fir and oak. You may already know the sorts Select and Natur from our floorboards.

Solid furniture wood:

  • Hand-selected boards
  • Sorting criteria do not apply just for the top side, as for floorboards, but for all the sides.
  • Smoothly planed and sanded on all 4 sides
  • No tongue and groove, instead sharp edges
  • No relief grooves on the underside

Thick veneer for furniture:

  • Hand-selected veneer sheets
  • Perfectly suitable for a 3-layer flooring
  • High-quality wood drying
  • Surfaces raw, not sanded/calibrated

Douglas furniture wood

Uniquely elegant

pur natur Douglas furniture wood is the perfect material for high-quality hand-made furniture suiting your floor or mixed with other materials such as tiles, natural stone or face concrete.

Thick veneer
Thickness 28, 35, 40mm 8mm
Width 250–300–350–400–450–500mm 250–300–350–400–450mm
Length 2,00–6,00m 2,00–6,00m
Wood moisture 8-10% 7-8%


Möbelholz Douglasie massiv für Bad-Möbel
Möbelholz Eiche für Tische und Bänke

Oak furniture wood

Challenging and durable

Furniture wood from pur natur oak is the perfect choice of material for aesthetically striking and durable furniture.

  Solid Thick veneer
Thickness 22, 28, 30, 40mm 7mm
Width 250–300–350–400–450–500mm 250–300–350–400mm
Length 2,00–6,00m 2,00–6,00m
Wood moisture 8-10% 7-8%


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