From Tree to Floor

A pur natur board floor is a masterly combination of nature and man. Come with us on the journey through the story of from tree to floor and discover how your board floor is created.

The Black Forest

The Black Forest is Germany's highest and biggest continuous low mountain range and lies in southwest Baden-Württemberg. For pur natur, the Black Forest, with its state and private forest owners, is the most important raw material supplier of Douglas fir trees.

Tree-felling Work

The "ForstBW" company is responsible – at least for state-owned forests - for felling in the Black Forest. They receive instructions from the Forestry Commission to thin out forests or to fell specific trees when this is necessary (for example, with an order for 15m long boards).

The Tree Falls

After the »cut« the tree falls. At first as in slow motion and then there is a lot of loud crashing when the giant takes branches of other trees with it. On hitting the ground a real small earthquake takes place. A goose pimple feeling and awe inspiring.


The Cutting of the Floorboards

The raw boards are sawn on a special saw line. For this, pur natur uses a horizontal block bandsaw.