We have recognised that nature has a solution ready for every problem, that it works as a perfectly organised cycle, a complete unit. We have understood that all the properties of its raw materials do more than just meet our requirements. This recognition lets us appreciate nature in its purity, and this appreciation is what drives us. Pur natur products are the expression of our respect towards the high-quality, natural raw materials and we strive to do this quality justice. With our products, we want to show the perfectness of nature, we want to increase its appreciation and encourage a sustainable interaction with the environment. We see our task in this forgotten meeting of nature and the human being. As the founder of pur natur, Ruthard Männle, puts it in a nutshell:»I want to create an awareness for natural perfection.«

Ruthard Männle – Founder of pur natur


These values unite us. Most of our customers appreciate and share them with us.

Principles of action


Quality must be measurable. pur natur therefore makes high demands of its actions. Well-defined quality standards for our own products are just the beginning. Only high demands with regards to naturalness, aesthetic, transformation, service, organisation and all other areas make pur natur products what they are. It is only when high demands are made of naturalness that it becomes apparent in the products.


Starting with the forest, continuing with the raw materials, and the manufacturing up to the final product, pur natur takes care to act so that naturalness is ensured and respected. pur natur does not use any chemical additives, takes care to encourage sustainable growing and cutting as well as sustainable and light-impact further transformation, values and protects the natural character / properties of the raw materials and products, and does not try denying them or misusing and skipping over them for self-serving purposes.


Carefulness is an unavoidable condition for high-quality results. pur natur is careful in its actions, in every aspect. This begins with the choice of the trunks as starting material for the products and continues with the customer counselling, the management and all other actions. Anyone taking their business seriously is careful in their actions, takes the time to double-check things. pur natur does not just dismiss problems of any type, instead takes good care to resolve them. The demands of pur natur are high and can only be met by being careful.


pur natur is well aware that principles for its actions can only work if they are kept to and no exceptions are made. By the same principle that a tree grows stably, and the pur natur products are straight-lined, the actions of our company are consistent. Only when all the principles are observed can the pur natur products make natural perfection experienceable.


How Ruthard created pur natur

The origin of our products is important to us. It is just as important to understand where we come from, to know the story how “Ruthard” ended up as pur natur.


Forester as a dream job

Even as a small boy, Ruthard already wanted to be a “forester”. But as this was already very difficult at the time, Ruthard had to look for a different way of working with nature, the forest, and with wood.


Apprenticeship in a sawmill

Ruthard thus decided to apprentice in a sawmill. After this short but intensive training in a typical Black Forest sawmill company and in the subsequent assistant period, he studied wood technology in Rosenheim. He then started his career in the company»Danzer Furniere«.


Sawmill manager

After three years as a deputy plant manager for Danzer in western Africa and two years of operations management at the Bodensee, a new challenge opened up: driving the restructuring of his own apprenticeship company as director.


Restructuring the apprenticeship company

The successful and solid development of this company was the cornerstone for the final decision to create his own company. The first son Steffen Männle was born.


pur natur was born

In October 1988, pur natur was founded. To start off with, Ruthard was successful as a company consultant for renovations and new projects in the wood sector. At the same time, he acted as an agent for the purchase of high-quality products for well-known companies.


Start in the wood trade

The large windstorm “Wiebke” in 1990 gave the impulse for starting in the trade: custom cutting was necessary, as the suppliers were often not flexible enough. pur natur delivered high quantities of high-quality riftware for making wooden windows.


Supplier of raw boards

In the year 2000, a well-known producer of exclusive boards came to pur natur with the aim to obtain Douglas fir boards from the Black Forest. pur natur fulfilled this request and produced more than 500 000 square metres of the best Douglas fir solid wood boards from the Black Forest in the following eight years.


Direct distribution for boards

In 2007/2008, pur natur ended the business relationship with the above-mentioned customer, in order to enter the product market of the time for finished treated solid wood boards with the purnaturdielen® (pur natur boards). As well as the floorboards, pur natur was already selling high-quality terrace boards at the time.


Premium boards & introduction of the certificate of origin

pur natur is positioned as the premium supplier for floorboards and is the first and only supplier to introduce the certificate of origin.


Entry of the 2nd generation into the company

The oldest son, Steffen Männle, entered the company. He introduced a Turn-Around-Management, as the company was heavily affected by the economic crisis. The focus on sales reinforced the company. Today, the company is noting record figures.


New saw line & terrace exhibition

With the help of the new Mebor BBS saw line, the flexibility of the company in terms of production is increased. New products such as sawn veneer and 3-layer boards can now be cut better and faster and in a more precisely. Pur natur also invested in a new terrace exhibition: customers can view products in their installed state across a 120m² area.


Condensation dryers for a maximum drying quality

Together with an Austrian special installations constructor, pur natur developed a condensation drying chamber in which especially the up to 15-metre-long solid boards as well as veneer and furniture wood can be dried slowly and gently. For the highest drying quality possible.


The family needs to grow!

Are you a joiner/table-maker (m/f), sawmill mechanic (m/f), shipping-salesperson or good at marketing & sales? Then send your application. Have a look at our careers page.