Attic Flat, Berlin

pur natur Floorboards Douglas 3-layer »Select« 18x300mm up to 5,5m
pur natur Floorboards Douglas 3-layer »Natur« 18x300mm up to 5,5m

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In this penthouse apartment, not far from the Prenzlauer Allee in Berlin, the owners chose a pur natur 3-layer floor in Douglas with a 300mm width. In the well-lived rooms, boards of the “Select” sort were laid, in the private rooms the lively “Natur” boards were chosen. The white lye-treated wooden floor blends into the room design of a stylishly decorated apartment, of which the elongated floor plan allows 5.5m-long boards to be laid. In the bathroom, a wash basin counter in solid Douglas riftware was built in.

Open dining room with white walls, light plank floor and light dining table with chairs

In discreetly furnished rooms, Douglas fir boards have the most beautiful effect.

»The longer the prettier« – the long Douglas fir boards will continue to impress.

pur natur Treppenstufen Douglasie

»A wooden floor that draws attention to itself«

In the well-lived rooms, Douglas boards of the “Select” sort were chosen. The clear forms of the furniture are harmonious with the structured surface of the floor.

The boards are treated with white lye after installation.

Wood can also be used in damp rooms without any problems. High-quality Douglas fir riftware has a wonderful effect in the bathroom.

»A floor that one cannot see oneself getting bored with«