Apartment, Offenburg

pur natur Floorboards Douglas,Select 28x300mm Random Lengths

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This flat, redesigned by Rauer + Fuhrmann Architekten, once again demonstrates the potential of building in the existing fabric - in this case in a two-family house from the 1950s. Former confinement has given way to an open living-dining area, in which our Douglas fir planks in the most popular width of 300 mm form a natural basis and create a friendly, homely atmosphere. The straight-lined surface structure of the Select assortment appears even calmer thanks to the surface treatment with white lye and white soap and softens the hard colour contrasts in the room with its velvety surface. Hard "industrial" elements, such as the black steel beams used to support the new wall openings or the pitch-black kitchen, form an exciting counterpoint to the "soft" plank flooring in the boho-inspired flat and create a striking, homely living space. The solid natural planks were laid on underfloor heating - they will provide the room with warmth for many years, not least thanks to their friendly appearance. 

Pictures ©Fabio Bosco

Douglasie Dielenboden von pur natur
The floorboards form a counterpoint to the pitch-black kitchen

» The floorboards form a counterpoint to the pitch-black kitchen. «

Übergang der Douglasie Dielen zum Fliesenboden
Douglas floorboards in 300 mm width

» A wonderful example of the many possible uses of Douglas fir.«

Douglasie Dielen in der 300er Breite
Douglasie Dielen in der 300er Breite