Brutalisme, Ludwigsburg

pur natur Floorboards Oak Select 21x300mm   oiled Junckers 50:50

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Reduction and opulence: this minimalist modern flat in Ludwigsburg, designed by LAR Studio, illustrates that only a few well thought-out stylistic elements are needed to create a holistic living experience. Tangible shapes and clear lines guide the design concept, and the central design element is the distinguished pur natur oak flooring in Select next to generous exposed concrete surfaces. By dispensing with any ornamentation, the skilful use of light and furnishings takes over and sets the scene for the natural materials. The room-length floorboards in lengths of up to 9.50m connect the rooms of the open-plan living concept, which relies on a clear colour scheme to create boundaries. The 300mm wide 3-layer oak floorboards enliven the room - their oiled surface gives the floor a velvety feel.


Images ©LAR Studio

Living room with oak planks from pur natur in 300mm width in the Select assortment
pure natural oak Select planks in minimalist living room

»The colour of the oak floorboards complements the large exposed concrete surfaces and enlivens the space.«

pure natural oak Select planks in minimalist living room
pur natur oak Select floorboards
pur natur Oak floorboards in the 300mm width

»A holistic living concept needs only a few well thought-out stylistic elements.«

pur natur oak Select planks in the 300 width in open-plan living / dining area