Byt 29A, Bratislava

pur natur floorboards Douglas,Select 28×250mm Random Lengths 2-4m

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In Byt 29A (»Apartment 29A«) on the edge of Bratislava's historic city centre, in a rondocubist building designed by Klement Šillinger in the 1920s, architect Martin Skoček brings to life a unique blend of traditional and modern design elements, highlighting his flair for clear solutions and natural, genuine materials.

The main room forms the centrepiece of the flat. Its original layout has been redesigned to open up in all directions, creating a spacious and inviting atmosphere. The strategically placed structural openings in the central load-bearing wall not only provide plenty of natural light, but also serve as a visual link to the original windows on the façade. The exposed, wooden ceiling structure in combination with a reinforced concrete ribbed ceiling gives the rooms character and elegantly extends the room height.

The interior design focuses on clear lines, genuine materials and honest details. Mirrored surfaces and pieces of furniture that seem to float above the floor emphasise the feeling of spaciousness and airiness. Sloping walls liven up the room. The grain of the solid pur natur Douglas Select floorboards in 250mm width and random lengths of 2-4m contributes to the honest, warm flair in all rooms.

All in all, Apartment 29A is a fine example of the harmonious integration of architecture and design, creating a modern living space with a timeless look and natural, healthy materials.


Architecture Martin Skoček
Images ©Matej Hakar

Metall-Küchenblock auf Douglasie-Dielen Select in 250mm Breite
Douglasie Dielen Select in 250mm Breite

»Honest, genuine, natural materials give this flat its character.«

Douglasie Dielen in 250mm Breite
Douglasie Dielen in 250mm Breite

»The calm Select grading of the floorboards adds to the elegance of the rooms.«

Kinderzimmer mit Douglasiedielen Select 250
Douglasie Dielen in 250mm Breite

»Apartment 29A is a home where nature also feels at home.«