Engine shed, Mannheim

pur natur Floorboards Kollin Herringbone 22x100mm bar length 750mm LOBA invisible 2K

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Between DIN and monument - New Work in 19th century walls. Formerly a repair site for locomotives, today home to creative companies. In this listed locomotive shed, Jarcke Architekten have created an open work space that revives the old building. The design approach of »staging instead of demolishing« revives characteristic elements and combines them with modern furniture and glass elements in a high-quality and unique way. With their extremely homogeneous and calm appearance, pur natur floorboards Kollin underline the filigree mullioned windows and old sandstone walls in the background and leave them enough space to work. The floor surface is accentuated by laying it in a herringbone pattern - a classic installation method for parquet flooring that emphasises the contrasts of the building and lends the rough locomotive shed the necessary subtlety for an office.

pur natur Kollin Herringbone Floorboards in an Open Space Office

»The calm counterpoint to the rugged sandstone walls is provided by Douglas fir Kollin floorboards.«

pur natur Floorboards Kollin Herringbone in an open office space
pur natur Kollin Herringbone floorboards made from solid Douglas fir

»A warm building that benefits from the clear appearance of the floorboards.«

pur natur Kollin Herringbone floorboards made from solid Douglas fir in an Office Space