Rebuilt Grange, Northern Germany

pur natur Floorboards Douglas solid »Natur« 28 × 300mm white lye and white soap

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This resting point in Bremen was completely renovated in 2014. A floor in Douglas floorboards of the 300 series stretches across several storeys and gives off a comfortable warmth in the building. The boards of the “Natur” sort have a rustic and lively effect due to their grain – a floor that seems specifically designed for this building. The rooms are only sparsely furnished, so the wood can deploy its full natural effect. The naturalness of the Douglas fir boards is harmonious with the modern kitchen and living room, as well as with the rustic exposed beams.

»A wooden floor in its most natural and purest form, with knots, structure and colour differences.«

The reserved furniture allows the natural grain of the boards to be perfectly deployed.

The surface treatment with white lye and plain soap creates a lively, natural appearance.

The mix of styles between rustic and modern works particularly well, as the materials, colours and accessories are perfectly suited to each other.

»The 5-metre-long boards have a particularly impressive effect through the generous lighting«