MM Residence, Hiroshima

pur natur floorboards Oak Select 21x350mm Random Lengths

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A compelling residential project convinces with a thoughtful and unique design that puts the needs of the residents at the centre of the concept. Such a project was realised by SURF Architects in Hiroshima. In the two-storey residential building, pur natur Oak Select floorboards became a harmonious component of the design between Japanese tradition and modernity. The pleasantly structured rooms create a home with elegant sobriety for the residents.

Hidden at first glance, but of crucial value for the lively expression, is the sophisticated combination of different wood species in the interior finish. Tsuga Japanese wood, for example, which the client bought 25 years before the house was built, is accompanied by our 350 mm wide oak floorboards in Select grade, which appears very unobtrusive in the room with its few knots. The architects' decision for this floorboard width is based on the desire to reduce the number of floorboards and their points of contact, thereby subtly bringing simplicity and harmony into the rooms.

All materials, textures, lighting and colour tones for the building consistently follow this concept of tranquillity and minimalism, creating a holistically balanced space. Incorporating natural beauty has been part of Japanese architecture for centuries - the aesthetic quality of pur natur oak floorboards comes into its own impressively in this project.


Architecture: SURF Architects
Bilder: ©Nacasa & Partners Inc. (Atsushi Nakamichi, Akihiro Itagaki)

Japanese home with pur natur oak floorboards
Flooring with pur natur oak planks in 350mm width

»Like the Modern Sykiya style, the Select grade of pur natur oak brings out the essential in the wood.«

Living room in Japanese house with pur natural oak floorboards
Oak floorboards Select in 350mm width

»The decidedly natural colouring of the oak floorboards, as well as the surrounding woods, immerses the entire house in calm but vibrant shades of wood.«

pur natur oak planks select in 350mm width
pur natur oak planks select in 350mm width

»The floorboards made from pur natur oak in Select grade emphasise the tranquillity of the space.«

Living room with pur natur oak floorboards Select in 350mm width
Office entirely of wood and pur natur floorboards of oak in 350mm width