One-family house, Leer

pur natur Floorboards Douglas Natur 16x250mm Fixed lengths

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Douglas fir floorboards in 250mm width with their beautiful, knotty natural grading give this bright and open-plan family home its friendly atmosphere. The natural surface treatment of the floorboards with white lye and white oil gently enhances the grain of the Douglas and allows the natural colour of the wood to shine through. By laying floorboards in room lengths of up to 5m, the open rooms appear even more spacious. In the living area, the floorboards were cut lengthwise and installed lengthwise as stair treads, which carry the grain into the lower level and continue it there. Stair treads made of solid Douglas in the Select category connect the floors and create a harmonious, healthy floor covering on all levels that invites you to live.

Douglasie Dielen in der 250mm Breite
Douglasie Dielen in der 250er Breite
Douglasie Dielen in 250mm Breite

»The recessed level creates additional storage space - the floorboard thus becomes furniture.«

Douglasie Treppenstufen von pur natur
Douglasie Dielen in 250mm Breite

»The lively natural grading invites you to discover the grain along the floorboards.«

Douglasie Dielen in der 250er Breite von pur natur
Douglasie Treppenstufen von pur natur