Private Home, Paris

pur natur Floorboards Oak »Select« MXD random length oiled white

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Extravagance meets extra-class: one can guess at the extraordinary character of this object in Paris even before entering. Then one is impressed by the interior decoration through furniture that are almost objects of art, and simultaneously reserved and lively colours. For the floorboards, pur natur oak 3-layer boards in mixed widths were chosen. For the surface treatment, a white oil was used that brings out the wood structure and blends harmoniously into the interior architecture of the house.

Open-plan living/dining area of a private house with light floorboards and wooden dining table
Dining area of a private house with light floorboards and marble high table
pur natur Treppenstufen Douglasie
pur natur Treppenstufen Douglasie
White kitchen in private house with floorboards