Residential Home, Connecticut

pur natur Floorboards Oak,Natur 22x250mm Random lengths

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Natural materials for an authentic experience: in this home in the forests of the American Conneticut, our solid oak floorboards are used. They enrich the living space surrounded by nature not only with their durability but also with their timelessly beautiful appearance. The natural grading of the floorboards builds an authentic bridge to the outdoors and harmoniously connects interiors with the surrounding nature. The oiled floorboard surface emphasises the natural growth characteristics of the wood and gives the rooms a warm and inviting atmosphere. The choice of floorboards in random lengths with 250 mm width results in a lively floor surface which, in combination with the ceiling panelling, solid wooden sliding doors and varied real wood furniture, reflects the diversity of the forest and creates a lively interior in which the closeness to nature can be experienced step by step, especially without shoes. Oak floorboards are friendly and robust in appearance and leave room for the personal touches of the occupants, whether rustic, modern or minimalist. pur natur oak floorboards are a timelessly beautiful foundation that turns a house in the forest into a home and a retreat in equal measure.

Douglasie Dielen aus Eiche in der 250er Breite
Oak floorboards in the 250mm width

»The pur natur oak floorboards in the natural assortment build an authentic bridge to the surrounding nature.«

Douglasie Dielen in 300mm Breite
Oak-floorboards in a quietly designed bedroom

»The random lengths of the floorboards break straight lines in the room and create a natural, lively floor surface.«