Residential house renovation, Lüneburg

pur natur Floorboards Douglas,Select 16x300mm random lengths

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A sustainable house renovation needs a sustainable floor covering: this was clear to the builders of this residential house in Lüneburg from the very beginning and one of the reasons for their decision to install a plank floor from pur natur in the dream house they had renovated themselves. The wood for our Douglas planks, which were laid here in a width of 300 mm, comes from pur natur's home region, the Black Forest. However, it is not only the wood of the planks that offers sustainability for healthy living spaces, but also the surface of the floor, which has been treated with our natural white lye and soap and does not contain any chemical substances. In falling lengths of up to 6 m, the Douglas fir Select planks with their calm appearance create a harmonious floor appearance that perfectly matches the rest of the house in the clean Skandi style. The planks form an elegant stage for the stylish and minimalist furnishings as well as the time-honoured details of the house, such as the staircase banister with turned posts. Plenty of white, soft touches of colour and clear shapes are warmed by the light Douglas fir wood and create rooms to feel good in, which are characterised by class and cosiness.

Images ©Studio Wohnglück

Douglasiedielen von pur natur in der 300er Breite in einem Esszimmer
Douglas floorboards in 300 mm width

»Douglas fir planks join a whole palette of natural materials. From marble to marble stone accents complete the selection of natural materials.«

Douglasie Dielen in 300mm Breite
Douglasie Dielen in 300mm Breite

»The soaped surface of the planks creates an incomparably velvety barefoot feeling.«

Douglasie Dielen in 300mm Breite

Nordic feel-good atmosphere in the middle of Lüneburg with pur natur Douglas fir Select floorboards.