Rothaus, Stuttgart

pur natur Floorboards Silver Fir,Natur 20x250mm Random Lengths

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Themed »a piece of the Black Forest in the Gerber«, a restaurant of the Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus AG has been created in the shopping centre of the same name. The architectural firm blocher partners has created a space at the first location outside the Black Forest that is nevertheless reminiscent of it - of dark fir trees, cuckoo clocks, Bollen hats and the taste of Tannenzäpfle.

The Black Forest has many sides, it can appear rough and dark, just as bright and friendly. This concept of contrasts has been taken up here to create a concept that elegantly blends tradition and modernity. Light spruce shingles create abstract shapes on the walls, reminiscent of pine cones. Black shingles hanging from the ceiling form the mystical antipole, which is further enhanced by the lighting design.

The basis for the interior design is formed by floorboards from pur natur, whereby floorboards from regional silver fir in 250 mm width were specially made for this project, which benefits the traditional character of the restaurant and short transport routes. The white oiled silver fir floorboards create a particularly noble visual impression and offer sufficient durability even with heavy foot traffic.

Floorboards made from Silver Fir in the 250mm width
Floorboards made from Silver Fir in the 250mm width

»The oiled surface of the floorboards is robust and also suitable for heavy foot traffic.«

Douglasie Dielen in 300mm Breite

»The branch pattern in the floorboards underlines the Black Forest concept in the design.«

Dielen aus Weißtanne im Restaurant von Rothaus