Showroom Talform, Zell am Harmersbach

pur natur Floorboards Douglas »Natur« 28x300mm 5-6m white lye and white oil

Mit der Veröffentlichung dieses Produktdatenblattes verlieren alle vorherigen Versionen ihre Gültigkeit.
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The showroom of the architect Gianluca Bellantoni, opened in 2017, understands how to unite the naturalness of the pur natur Douglas floor with furniture in expressive shapes to form an impressive whole. The matt black of the ceiling and furniture form a successful contrast to the light surface of the Douglas boards. The natural grain of the boards is reinforced by the calm structures of the room and gives a sense of cosiness.

Images by DB-Photographx / Dennis Börschig


Showroom with dining table and chair in light Douglas fir wood
Bright room with wide Douglas fir floorboards and black filigree chair
pur natur Treppenstufen Douglasie
Illuminated room with wide Douglas planks, black filigree chairs and table
Illuminated showroom with light wide Douglas planks