Terrace, Metzingen

pur natur Terrace boards Douglas »Kollin« 35 × 110 mm   leached white

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»Schöner Wohnen Haus des Jahres 2012«

»A dream in white. After the Weinberge, before the Reutlinger Alb – matching their spectacular location, the Pittas built themselves a house visible from afar: timeless, elegant and with the best equipment.« Raderschad: Schöner Wohnen, 2012

The exterior of the “House of the year 2012” is decorated with pur natur »Kollin« terrace boards with a width of 35mm. As a flooring, they are used on several terraces. The owners also chose pur natur »Kollin« terrace boards for the walkway between the hillside and the kitchen on the upper storey. Thanks to the direct access to the kitchen, purchases can be transported directly from the street on the slope into the kitchen. For the surface treatment of the »Kollin» boards, a white wood lye is used, that ensures a consistent greying and a pretty silver-grey patina.

Entrance of a residential house in the green with a walkway made of terrace planks and a wall
Wooden terrace with footbridge and wall to residential house