Terrace, Tübingen

pur natur Terrace boards »Kollin« 35x110mm length 2-6m 2x leached white

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»A home in concrete. The sharp-edged, polygonal building uses its situation on a gentle incline and deliberately stands out from its environment through its corporality. Divided by precise joints, the monolithic overall appearance is structured by deliberate cuts in the transition area to the exterior space, which creates protected exterior spaces and sun-flooded inner rooms. The solid exterior gives comfort to the interior and directs the gaze through deliberate and accented window openings, and simultaneously allows an optimal lighting of the interior«

Source: Steimle Architekten

In the impressive exterior space, pur natur »Kollin« terrace boards with the size 35x110mm and in lengths of 2-6m were laid. Combined with the light surface, a polygonal terrace landscape is created that perfectly links up to the monolithic building.

Light wooden boards constitute the impressive exterior space of the villa.

pur natur Treppenstufen Douglasie

The polygonal terrace landscape surrounds the pool and continues to the modern building.

»Kollin« terrace boards underline the purist appearance of the voluminous building.

»At night one can see a unique view: through the warm colours of the wooden boards, the interior and exterior areas seem to melt together«