Rooftop terrace Tokyo

pur natur Terrace Kollin 26x110mm   white lye

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A roof terrace in one of the world’s metropolises: Tokyo. With pur natur terrace boards Kollin, a retreat was created here in the middle of the city to soak up the sun and relax with a view over the rooftops. On the roof of the modern building in urban Tokyo, pur natur Kollin terrace boards blend pleasantly into the surroundings and create a natural place to relax next to trees, between asphalt and concrete. Thanks to the treatment with white lye, pur natur Kollin terrace boards have a minimalist appearance and their low-knot surface radiates tranquillity.

pur natur terrace boards Kollin on roof terrace

»The delicate surface of the almost knot-free boards with their fine grinding invites you to linger.«

pur natur Kollin terrace boards

»The linear laying of the boards with exposed joints contrasts with the building layout and creates a calm, harmonious roof terrace.«