Choose you pur natur floorboards.

Our clearly structured portfolio with the floorboard series 100mm to 500mm will help you quickly find your personal wooden board floor. The images show wooden boards in their untreated state. Various surface treatments allow many different colours. We will gladly provide advice at any time.





100 Kollin
Kollin Herringbone
150 Select/Natur
Oak Herringbone 150


Floorboards from the 100series draw a clear line. Choose between usual boards and herringbone floorboards. In Oak the 100series this width is the entry level.



200 Select/Natur
250 Select/Natur
200 Select/Natur
250 Select/Natur


Inside the the 200series you can choose between the board widths 200mm or 250mm. For Douglas the 200series is the entry level, for oak it is the mid range.


300 Select/Natur
350 Select/Natur
300 Select/Natur
350 Select/Natur


The classic: a board floor from the 300series. Choose between board widths of 300 or 350mm. Board floors from the 300series are the best-selling boards by pur natur.



400 Select/Natur
450 Select/Natur
400 Select/Natur
450 Select/Natur


Board floors from the 400series: ultimate in every dimension. Available as solid boards with 35mm thickness in Douglas or 30mm thickness in Oak. They outlive generations. Choose between board widths of 400mm or 450mm.


500series / MXDseries

MXD 175/200/225 Select
MXD 300/400/500
500 Select/Natur

4 good reasons for a pur natur wooden board floor


»Quality remains when the price has long been forgotten.«

Henry Royce (1863–1933), cofounder of Rolls-Royce

A pur natur wooden board floor is a high-quality product. Quality is thereby evident in many different facets. It begins with the personal selection of tree trunks by our directors. The highest quality is present in the wood drying process, as well as in the production: innovative plane technology, combined with craftsmen who understand their craft. Quality is often only visible after the installation. Properly cared for, a pur natur wooden board floor will last for more than just one generation.


The reassuring knowledge of where the wood comes from.

Every pur natur wooden board floor tells its own story. A story that actually started a good 100 years ago. As a Douglas fir or oak sapling grew to a majestic giant. The renewable raw material from which your floorboards are made. As floorboards, the wood continues to live, in your home. The geodata that can be cut-in upon request will always give a reminder of the origin of the trees from which you pur natur floorboards were made. pur natur is the first and only manufacturer in the world to have implemented the ultimate proof of origin.


“Wow” as of the first day, and every time you arrive back at home.

You will say “wow” when you walk on your pur natur floorboards. Not just the first time. The joy does not diminish, on the contrary. You will continue to be inspired with your pur natur floorboards. Share this delight with us. Your wife, friends and children will also love your pur natur floorboards. As will you, and as will we too.


Ecologically and economically sustainable

The floor constitutes a fundamental element of the room design. A pur natur wooden board floor lastingly influences the effect and impression of the room in a very positive way. A wooden board floor is healthy and has a naturally comfortable feel. A pur natur wooden board floor valorises each object – your own or any rented homes. When you include the length of use of a property in the price, no other floor has a chance. A solid wooden board floor lasts for at least 50 years and can always be refurbished. Have you ever tried sanding and re-oiling laminate or tiles?

There are many other reasons still. Simply scroll up and look for your pur natur floorboards.