For more than 30 years, we have dedicated ourselves to the production of high-quality, natural wood products. We put this passion into practice at our production site in Rheinau-Memprechtshofen. Here, we manufacture our planks on an area of around 9000 m² with the highest standards of quality and naturalness and follow our »From tree to floor« approach. All our products are »Grown and Made in Germany«.

The production of our floorboards is a matter close to our hearts. We carry out every step of the process with care to ensure that we can assess and, above all, control quality throughout the entire process. Find out more about the natural origin, individual production, impeccable quality and short supply chain of our products.

We don't inspect our floorboards, we proofread them, so to speak.

Lennart Männle, Head of production

  • Highest precision

    We use state-of-the-art technology to produce customised wood products.

  • Genuine craftsmanship

    We manufacture our floorboards to a large extent by hand.

  • 30+ years of experience

    Wood know-how from many decades guarantees high-quality premium products.

The natural potential of trees

pur natur's many years of expertise help us to harness the natural potential of trees in a gentle way. The right view of our employees for wood is already decisive in the selection of the trunks when purchasing, but also during cutting in our sawmill and especially when sorting into the different wood grades. It is only because we treat the wood with care and respect its limits at every stage of the process that we are able to manufacture natural products that impress with their unique appearance and durability.

Raw wood

The best raw wood

State-of-the-art technology

State-of-the-art technology

Careful monitoring

Careful monitoring

Elaborate manual work

Elaborate manual work

Perfection in detail: quality is firmly rooted at us

We focus on the quality of our products right from the start. Our feel for trees helps us to process only the best wood into pur natur floorboards. Self-imposed, high standards keep the quality of our products consistently high and make it objectively measurable, for example by monitoring strict limit values during drying or profiling.

With elaborate work steps, we create inspiring natural planks with a unique surface. In our multi-stage "knot cosmetics" process, our wood specialists check and correct the stability and appearance of all knots in each individual plank by hand.

The craftsmanship used gives each floorboard a very personal touch and makes it a unique work of art.

A genuine piece of craftsmanship

Wood is a solid raw material that requires heavy machinery to process. However, no work step is possible without human intervention and so each of our planks passes through many hands before it makes its way to you.

In addition to craftsmanship and indispensable know-how, it is above all our passion for wood that allows us to create 60,000 m² of uniquely elegant floorboards from raw logs every year, often in sweaty work.

Personal selection of logs for pur natur Douglas and Oak floorboards

Keeping an eye on our forests.

Material, man and machine

There are many steps to master on the way from tree to floor. That's why we carry out all the production steps ourselves. This makes us independent as a manufacturer and creates a robust supply chain.

The best machines available on the market also contribute to this and to the quality of our products: one of the largest log band saws in Europe from the company Mebor in our sawmill, planing quality from the Weinig brand and precise, accurately fitting Marinus profiling in our production guarantee absolute accuracy of fit.


»Our raw material? - Wood with a home.«

– Steffen Männle, CEO –

Respectful use of the log

Our connection to the Black Forest and our close relationship with the foresters motivate us to work in a way that conserves resources and to maintain short supply chains. As a manufacturer of sustainable wood products, it is important to us not to waste precious wood during production. In our product portfolio, we therefore make it possible to use all parts of the trunk sensibly.

Products that save resources

The solid floorboards and thick veneers for three-layer planks are made from the center of the log, while narrow planks and our Kollin decking boards are made from the edges. For our Kollin planks, we refine offcuts from our decking production and we manufacture the backing for our 3-layer planks from offcuts from plank production. We only use green electricity for our production. This means that we always have an eye on the forest, and not just literally from our production facilities.

One trunk - countless possibilities. We use our raw wood with care and produce various planks from the different trunk areas - sustainably and in high quality.

Frequently asked questions

Who manufactures the Douglas and Oak planks from pur natur?

pur natur manufactures the planks in its own production facility here in the Black Forest. We cover all the production steps, such as sawing the logs in our own sawmill, drying the wood in drying chambers and pressing our 3-layer floorboards.

Where are the pur natur planks manufactured?

We manufacture our pur natur planks exclusively in Germany and do not import any goods from abroad. We source some of our raw wood from parts of France, but the vast majority of our products are "Grown and Made in Germany" here in the Black Forest.

How does pur natur ensure a sustainable supply chain?

In addition to sourcing raw wood from sustainably managed forests, we also pay particular attention to short delivery routes in our production. We source the majority of our wood from the Black Forest, where our production facilities are located. The resource-conserving cutting of the logs in our sawmill and the use of all log areas, in addition to social responsibility along the supply chain, help to ensure a sustainable supply chain.

Which machines and tools are used for pur natur floorboards?

To guarantee the quality of our products, we use the best machines on the market. In our sawmill, we use one of the largest log band saws in Europe from the company Mebor. We rely on the Weinig brand for planing quality and on the Marinus brand for precise, accurate profiling in our production. In combination with a lot of manual work, we ensure that our products are absolutely precise and of the highest quality.