Residential Renovation, Stuttgart

pur natur Floorboards Oak Select 21x300mm   oiled Junckers 50:50 natural/white

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In this expressive old building renovation, executed by Gensmantel Construction , pur natur oak floorboards with an oiled surface bring warmth to the newly designed home. The natural grading of the planks with a lively knot pattern underlines the natural character of the oak wood and complements the rustic charm of preserved beam structures, while the category Select calms and creates a homogeneous expression. In combination with the colour scheme of the minimalist interior and the dark, cool metal staircase, the oak planks in 3-layer construction bring a pleasant casualness to the rooms. The installation in falling lengths forms a gentle texture in the room and creates a floor surface that spreads seamlessly and carries the elegance of the pur natur oak floor into all rooms.

Photos ©Tomislav Vukosav

pur natur Oak floorboards in 300 mm width

»The natural shade of oak elegantly mediates between white and steel black.«

pur natur Oak floorboards in a renovated home with black stairs
pur natur Oak floorboards in 300 mm width

»The installation in falling lengths connects the rooms without interruption.«