Surface treatments

Here you can learn everything about the possible surface treatments for pur natur boards.

Information about surfaces

Here you can learn more about the various surface treatments.

Douglasie weiß gelaugt

White lye is a pre-treatment that is primarily used for Douglas fir. The lye makes the wood lighter and protects from decolouration through UV light. The lye contains white lime pigments.

Our lye can be used for floorboards and terrace boards.

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Farbmuster einer Douglasie Diele in Select-Sortierung, geölt mit Woca Nr. 1 Öl weiss

Classic floor oils protect the wood from dirt and damp. The treatment with oil allows the floor to breath, as the surface remains open-pored. Alternatively, there are sealants that close off the surface.

pur natur oils are available in plain, white and extra-white tones.

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Oil varnish

A mix of oil and varnish. For particularly heavily frequented surfaces such as offices or retail.

Linseed oil
Farbmuster einer Douglasie Diele in Select-Sortierung, geölt mit Leinöl im Farbton Pariserblau

Linseed oils are the most natural oils. They are extracted from linseed. The main advantage of linseed oils is their naturalness and therefore their absolute harmlessness for health. The disadvantage of linseed oils is the long drying time. This is why floor oil additives are mixed in, that let the oil dry quicker. Floors treated with linseed oil are dry after about 5 days.

Linseed oils make breath-taking colours possible. For a good saturation, we recommend a 2-layer treatment with linseed oil.

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Douglasie weiss gelaugt, natur geseift

The soaped surface is a very traditional treatment type. Soap creates a matt, soft appearance and velvety smooth feel, that cannot be achieved in this form with any other treatment. Treatment with white lye and white soap gives the lightest surfaces. Soaped surfaces are more sensitive than oiled surfaces in their initial state, however, after approx. ½ year a patina is formed, and the floor becomes less and less sensitive.

Soap is also used for regularly cleaning oiled floors.

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Video instructions

Leaching Douglas floorboards in white

Sudsing Douglas board in white