Wooden terraces by pur natur. A statement on sustainability.

Look forward to your home.

One type of wood. Two collections. Deliberately reduced and simple – and yet many design possibilities are available for exterior spaces. Our expert advisors will gladly help you at any time.


Douglas terrace boards Alpin with widths of 185mm, 220mm and 290mm, thickness 30mm and 35mm
Alpin 185 / 220 / 290


Douglas Terrace boards Kollin in puristic widths of 110mm. Available in 2 thicknesses: 26mm and 35mm
Kollin 110 (Stärke 26 oder 35mm)

Note: the pictures show the real boards in their untreated state. Various surface treatments allow many different colours. Weather exposure will lead to grey wood.


Planning your wooden terrace

The planning of a wooden terrace as integral element of the garden design by landscape architects

Planning it yourself

You can plan your wooden terrace yourself or have it planned. Your own planning is especially possible if a garden or terrace is already present and it is “only” a question of the wooden terrace. At pur natur, we offer you advice as a cost-free service for the purchase of your wooden terrace with us.


  • If it is “only” a question of a (private) wooden terrace that is not extremely complex
  • If a terrace is already present (for example concrete slabs) and is to be laid with a wooden terrace
  • If you would like to replace your old wooden terrace (in larch, pine or spruce for example) with new, high-quality Douglas fir boards


  • It’s fun :)
  • Cheaper than a landscape architect
  • pur natur offers an advice service


  • Costly in time
  • 100% self-responsibility for anything that goes wrong
  • Knacks, tips & tricks must be learnt by yourself


Having it planned

It is a different question entirely if you want to redesign your whole garden. In this case, we recommend contracting a good landscape architect from pur natur. Then the wooden terrace can be integrated into the garden planning. Even entire terrace landscapes can thus be created. The garden planning with a landscape architect is well thought through and professional.


  • If it is a question of large private or public wooden terraces
  • If the terrace floor is an integral part of a new garden design and there is a question of interactions between different trades
  • If you do not have time to do the planning yourself


  • You “only” have to make the decisions, the architect or landscape architect takes over the planning
  • pur natur offers special advice for architects and landscape architects, as well as support with a sample
  • The responsibility is distributed, project costs are determined in advance
  • Perfect execution


  • Costs for a landscape architect (which can be truly worth it!)


Wooden terrace planning: what you have to keep in mind

  • Orientation of the terrace (shady/sunny?)
  • Size of the terrace
  • Ground and substructure
  • Construction height
  • Laying direction
  • Material delivery times
  • Craftsmen waiting times
  • Execution times
Exemplary terrace planning with the Kollin boards
Exemplary terrace planning with the Kollin boards