Terrace floorboards Douglas

Douglas terrace floorboards by pur natur. Quality from the black forest.

Douglas terrace boards you might know from your local hardware store. Our boards are something different entirely. Have a look at both our collections Alpin and Kollin.


Douglas terrace boards Alpin in widths of 185mm, 220mm and 290mm thickness 30mm and 35mm for your wooden terrace
Alpin 185 / 220 / 290

The Douglas terrace board »Alpin« is a board which is flat sawn. The Alpin-board distinguishes itself against conventional Douglas terrace boards through its generous widths. The Alpin boards are available in three widths of 185, 220 and 290mm. They are made from Douglas wood from the Black Forest in our pur natur plant in southern Germany.


Douglas Terrace boards Kollin in puristic widths of 110mm. Available in different 2 thicknesses: 26mm and 35mm
Kollin 110 (26 / 35mm thick)

The Douglas terrace board »Kollin« is traditionally rift sawn. Thereby we only use the best parts of a tree.The Kollin-board distinguishes itself against conventional Douglas terrace boards through its extraordinary quality. Our boards from the »Kollin« collection are the highest quality Douglas terrace boards currently on the market.

Note: the pictures show the real boards in their untreated state. Various surface treatments allow many colours. Weather exposure will lead to grey wood.


Douglas terrace boards: these 5 tips are important

  1. Where does the wood come from? Is it German Douglas fir? Or imported American goods? Have the dealer or manufacturer confirm the origin of the goods. As a manufacturer, pur natur provides the ultimate proof of origin. On request you receive the geo-coordinates of the trees from which we have produced your terrace boards.
  2. From which trunks are the Douglas terrace boards sawn? Are they young, juvenile trunks in which the durability of the terrace boards is possibly reduced? Or older and stronger trees whose wood is considerably harder and longer-lasting – just as that of pur natur Douglas terrace boards. It has been scientifically proved that older wood is harder and therefore longer-lasting. You're more than welcome to speak to us about it.
  3. What is the surface quality like? Smooth planed or ribbed? Ribbed floorboards tend to wear out more quickly. The susceptibility to chip and splinter is considerably higher. pur natur Douglas terrace boards are exclusively smooth planed. The Alpin terrace boards even come with knots glued in place and sanded surfaces. No other manufacturer of Douglas terrace boards in Germany offers this.
  4. What sort of price for the terrace boards can be expected? Especially with cheaper quotations, always ask yourself the question what sort of quality can be expected. At least for companies in Germany the same rules and relatively similar cost structures apply. If a dealer or manufacturer offers you Douglas terrace boards at half price, you can ask yourself the question "what sort of quality can be produced for this price". With pur natur, you receive good quality with the Alpin boards and the best quality with the Kollin boards in Douglas fir.
  5. Always order a sample of the terrace boards before placing the actual order in order to assure yourself of the quality, appearance and feel. Because: Not all Douglas terrace boards are the same. At pur natur you can order samples directly in the online shop. We recommend a sample of each of the Alpin boards and the Kollin boards in order also to be able to choose between the two collections.
Douglasie terrace boards outside residential home

Terrace boards: Design

You have the choice: Would you rather have a wooden terrace which appears minimalistic-purist? Or would you rather have a terrace which appears lively to rustic?

Purist: Douglas fir terrace boards >>Kollin<<

Narrow terrace boards of Douglas on a large balcony
Purist but nevertheless not cold: Kollin Series Douglas fir terrace boards


Wide boards: Douglas fir terrace boards »Alpin«

Top view of wide, rustic terrace boards
Rustic charm: The Alpin 185 Douglas fir terrace boards

Douglas Fir Terrace Boards: Wood-specific Qualities

In the following we provide information about the wood-specific qualities of pur natur Douglas fir terrace boards. Please note our quality standards in the current valid version.

Wooden terraces are constantly exposed to the effects of the weather. Cracking, twisting, warping, the raising of the wood fibres and the difficulty of dealing with knots are determined by nature and cannot therefore be avoided, even with very careful selection of materials. The natural properties, deviations and qualities of terrace boards must always be taken into account. In particular when buying, the buyer must consider the biological, physical and chemical properties and the application.

All the following qualitative and wood-specific characteristics can occur in terrace boards and do not represent defects:

  • The tendency of the board to distort and / or warp (for example through high heat effects on very hot summer days)
  • Different colour tones within a type of wood (colour nuances)
  • Customary in the trade curvature, max. 1 cm per running metre of the board. These slight curvatures can be easily processed with our installation set.
  • Pressure points from storage battens (drying laths)
  • Existing healthy knots
  • The swelling and shrinking of the timbers in unrestricted weathering
  • Hairline cracks / cracks at the ends of the boards and on the surface due to the wood working
    Crack formation at the screw connection (rather infrequent)
  • Small planing faults
  • Water stains occurring through loading or transport in rain (rather infrequent as we pack goods in film)
  • Minimal dimensional tolerances
  • Humidity variations: Crack formation through swelling and shrinking distortion, curvature and twisting
  • Washing out of wood constituents through the frequent contact of the floorboards with water (to be considered especially in the vicinity of pools and ponds)
  • The non-slip properties of terrace boards are not increased by the profiling of the visible side (fluting, recesses, grooves or similar)

How much or how little the laid terrace boards change depends on many factors such as, for example, open weathering or roofed terraces. pur natur has no influence over these. Please note that all the above mentioned wood-specific properties may result in the replacement of wooden floorboards. Replacement of installed floorboards cannot be claimed for. Therefore include a few spare boards when ordering.